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Dead Moon Cow

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Kate Ebneter
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Childhood: Air Force brat, 3 sisters. Background: University of Washington -- Physics & Astronomy; UC Berkeley, Ph.D. Astronomy. Now a software build engineer working at Apple Google Ning.

I have friends! Please feel free to friend me. ("Verbing queers language.") Also, defriend at will as well. You won't hurt my feelings. I won't even notice.

Since I frequently occasionally whine about bad Battlestar Galactica fan fiction, I feel it only proper that I should recommend the good stuff I find. My short but growing list is here.

I used to run a strictly unofficial fan website for Katee Sackhoff. Who is really cool, in case you were wondering. (And hot like a hot thing...) I recently took it down due to not having time to work on it. :-( There's a community here at LJ, ksackhoff_fans, that's was associated with the web site and which continues. There's also Katee's own website, and her Facebook fan page.

People who think Kara Thrace is "girly" need not apply here, by the way. That is all.

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